Group options for dealing with missing data

When you create a graph with groups, by default, Minitab includes groups that have no names and groups that have no data. Use the following options to exclude these groups from your graph.

Include missing as a group
By default, Minitab treats missing group names as a separate group. For example, rows 2 and 4 in the following worksheet contain missing values instead of A or B. The interval plot includes a separate group for these rows. (Because the group name is missing for these rows, the tick mark label is also missing.)
C1-T C2
Group Data
A 22
B 47
... ...

To exclude groups that have missing names when you create the graph, click Data Options. On the Group Options tab, deselect Include missing as a group.

Include empty cells
By default, Minitab includes all possible groups on a graph, including groups that have no data. For example, the following bar chart includes a tick mark for group A2, but no bar. A2 is an empty cell because no worksheet rows contain an A in column C1 and a 2 in column C2.
C1-T C2 C3
Group Subgroup Data
A 1 55
B 1 41
B 2 29
C 1 44
C 1 33

To exclude empty cells when you create a graph, click Data Options. On the Group Options tab, deselect Include empty cells. To remove empty cells from an existing graph, double-click the scale and deselect Include empty cells on the Scale tab.

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