Show or hide scale elements

Graph scale elements are axis lines, axis labels, tick marks, and tick labels. You can display these elements on the x-, y-, and z-scales of the graph. For example, on the following graphs, the axis line, major tick marks, and tick labels are displayed on all three axes.
3D scatterplot
3D surface plot

To specify which elements to include when you create a graph, click Scale, then select the elements on the Axes and Ticks tab. To change or add the elements to an existing graph, double-click the scale, then select the elements on the Show tab.

Change the position of the major tick marks

To change the major tick mark positions on an existing graph, double-click the scale. On the Scale tab, under Major Tick Positions, specify one of the following:
  • Automatic: Display the tick marks in their default positions.
  • Number of ticks: Enter the number of tick marks. Minitab spaces the tick marks evenly along the axis line. (Not available for all graphs.)
  • Position of ticks: Enter the scale values at which you want major tick marks to appear. You can enter a series of numbers or specify a range of values. Use a colon between two numbers to indicate the range. Use a slash after the range to indicate an increment amount. For example, 5:30/5 places tick marks at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.
For example, the following scatterplots illustrate the same data. One plot shows the default tick mark positions and the other plot uses custom tick mark positions.
Default tick mark positions
Custom tick mark positions

Change the scale range

To change the scale range, double-click the scale. On the Scale tab, under Scale, deselect Auto for Minimum or Maximum, then enter the new minimum or maximum.

For example, the following boxplots are of the same data, but the y-scale ranges are different.
Default y-scale range
Custom y-scale range

Change the number of minor tick marks

To change the number of minor tick marks that appear between two major tick marks, double-click the scale. On the Scale tab, deselect Auto, then enter a number.
1 minor tick mark
4 minor tick marks

For minor tick marks to appear on the graph, you must select them on the Show tab.

Change the axis line attributes

To change the color, size, and line type of the axis lines and tick marks, double-click the scale, then specify the options on the Attributes tab.

Change the font of the tick mark labels

To change the font for the tick mark labels, double-click the scale and select the Font tab.

Change the font and text of the axis labels

To edit an axis label, double-click the label. On the Font tab, edit the text, and the font.

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