Use crosshairs to identify values

Crosshairs are a tool that displays the x- and y-values of any point on a graph, such as on a scatterplot. As you move the mouse pointer, Minitab updates the location and the coordinates of the crosshairs. Crosshairs are a quick and easy way to explore data on your graph.

For 3-dimensional graphs, such as contour plot, 3D scatterplot, and 3D surface plot, crosshairs display x-, y-, and z-values.

In this graph, the crosshairs are at x = 1.30570 and y = 5.16129. These coordinates appear in the upper left corner of the graph.

You can display crosshairs on any graph that you create using the Graph menu, except the pie chart, dot plot, and marginal plot. To display crosshairs, with the graph active, choose Editor > Crosshairs.


You can use crosshairs to provide exact locations for users to insert annotations, such as polylines, on a graph. For more information, go to Annotation shapes, text, and markers.

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