Select display options for 3D Scatterplot and 3D Surface Plot

Choose data display elements

The following images show elements that you can display on a 3D plot. To select elements when you create the graph, click Data View.

To add or remove elements after you create the graph, click the graph and choose Editor > Add > Data Display. To apply the existing group attributes to a new element, select Apply same groups of current displays to added displays when you add the element. For information on adding or changing the grouping variables for an existing graph, go to Display groups on graphs.

3D surface plot with surface
3D surface plot with wireframe
3D scatterplot with symbols and project lines

For more information on editing these graph features, including how to change a surface plot to a wireframe plot, go to the following topics.

Edit the 3D box

To edit the box in which the data appear, click the graph and choose Editor > Graph Options.

Change the box appearance
On the Attributes tab, you can edit the fill type, fill color, line type, line color, and line size. For example, on the following 3D scatterplot, the 3D box is colored light yellow.
Display box faces
On the Box Options tab, select one of the following.
Back faces only
All faces
Change the aspect ratio
On the Box Options tab, select a ratio. For example, the following 3D surface plots are all of the same data.
Proportional to data ranges
Specified (this plot: 3 x 3 x 1)
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