Presenting Results from Minitab


To get the most from your data, you will want to communicate your results to other people. You will want to surround your results with explanations and other figures that help people make the best decisions. To share your insights with others, you can send Session window output and graphs directly to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

To show your colleagues the results of the shipping data analysis, you want to send results to PowerPoint.

Send output to Microsoft PowerPoint

You can create reports or presentations by sending graphs and Session window output directly to Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Add a paneled histogram and descriptive statistics results to Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Open the sample data, Reports.mpj.
  2. Choose Window > Histogram of Days.
  3. Right-click the graph, and then choose Send Graph to Microsoft PowerPoint.
    A new Microsoft PowerPoint file opens with the histogram on the first slide.
  4. In Minitab, choose Window > Session.
  5. In the Session window, position the mouse pointer in the output so that a box surrounds the title and results for Results for Center = Central. Right-click and choose Send Section to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  6. Repeat step 4 for Results for Center = Eastern and Results for Center = Western.

The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation contains the histogram and each part of the Session window output on separate slides.


To add multiple sections of Session window output to Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Position the mouse pointer near the main title so that a box surrounds all the tables for a command.
  2. Right-click in the Session window, and choose either Send Selected Lines to Microsoft Word or Send Selected Lines to Microsoft PowerPoint.

In the next chapter

In the next chapter, you learn to prepare a Minitab worksheet. You enter data in a worksheet from multiple sources. Also, to prepare the data and simplify the analysis, you edit the data and reorganize columns and rows.

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