Overview for Multiple Regression

Use Multiple Regression to model the linear relationship between a continuous response and up to 12 continuous predictors and 1 categorical predictor.

For example, real estate appraisers want to see how the sales price of urban apartments is associated with several predictor variables including the square footage, the number of available units, the age of the building, and the distance from the city center. The appraisers can use multiple regression to determine which predictors are significantly related to sales price.

Where to find this analysis

  • Mac: Statistics > Regression > Multiple Regression
  • PC: STATISTICS > Regression > Multiple Regression

When to use an alternate analysis

  • If you have one continuous predictor, you can use Simple Regression.
  • If you have one categorical predictor and no continuous predictors, use One-Way ANOVA.
  • If you have two categorical predictors and no continuous predictors, use Two-way ANOVA.
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