Create a bar chart of summarized data in a two-way table: clustered

Follow these steps to create a bar chart that displays summarized values for groups in separate columns, when there is also a grouping variable. If your data are arranged differently, go to Choose a bar chart.

  1. Open the dialog box.
    • Mac: Choose Graphs > Bar Chart > Summarized values for each category in a table > Two-way table > Clustered.
    • PC: Choose GRAPHS > Bar Chart > Summarized Data > Data in a Two-Way Table > Clustered.
  2. In Summary variables, enter the columns of summary data that you want to graph.
  3. In Column of row labels, enter the column of categorical data that defines the groups.

In the following worksheet, 1st shift, 2nd shift, and 3rd shift are the summary variables. These columns contain the counts of rejected products for each work shift. Machine ID is the column of row labels and indicates which machine manufactured the rejected products. The graph shows the counts of rejected product for each machine, clustered by the shift.

C1 C2 C3 C4
Machine ID 1st shift 2nd shift 3rd shift
1 48 47 48
2 76 47 32
3 36 40 34
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