Generating patterned data

Generate repeating sequences (patterns) of numbers or text values. You can repeat a sequence of equally spaced numbers, unequally spaced numbers, or text values.

For example, a quality engineer wants to measure parts from three machines, at two temperatures, during every work shift for a week. The engineer generates columns of patterned data for the machine ID, temperature setting, and work shift.
C1 C2 C3
Machine Temperature Shift
1 150 First
1 275 First
2 150 First
2 275 First
3 150 First
3 275 First
1 150 Second
1 275 Second
2 150 Second
... ... ...

Where to find this command

  • Mac: Data > Generate Patterned Data
  • PC: DATA > Patterned Data

When to use an alternate command

If you want to generate random data from a specified distribution, use Generate Random Data.

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