Start a workflow project

Only members of a steering committee can start a workflow project from the list of approved ideas in the hopper. To start a workflow project, a steering committee member must first select a methodology. Then, they can assign a project owner, set up a review board, and enter phase due dates.
  1. In the hopper, to start a workflow project, click expand next to an idea.
  2. Next to Methodology, click Edit.
  3. By default, a project is assigned to the user who submitted the idea. To change the project owner, in Assign to (on start), click delete to clear the current user name, and then enter a different user name.
  4. From Methodology, choose the methodology the team will use to execute the project. A methodology is the set of phases, reviews, and requirements the project must go through before it can be called complete. Engage creates a project using the template associated with the selected methodology.
  5. Under Review Board, enter the names of the users who will review the project at its various phases.
  6. Under Phases, enter due dates for any or all of the phases. The project due date is the last chronological due date that you enter for any phase.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Start Project.
The project owner and the members of the project's review board are notified when they are assigned to a new project.
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