Make a data field available in all projects

Add the single-value data field, Organizational Awareness, to the Project Charter, which is a management form.

To prevent this example from affecting your live site, discard any changes before you exit the sandbox.

  1. In the sandbox, click Templates.
  2. Under Management Forms, click Project Charter. The Project Charter opens in the sandbox template editor.
  3. In the Project Charter, under Project Assessment, add a drop down control.
    1. In the empty cell in the section, enter data field label: Organizational Awareness.
    2. In the empty cell below the field label, insert a Drop Down control.
    3. In the Drop Down Properties dialog box, enter the control name with no spaces: OrganizationalAwareness.
  4. Connect the drop down control to the list field called Organizational Awareness.
    1. In the Drop Down Properties dialog box, click Connect the form control to a data field, and then click Select Data Field.
    2. In the Data Connection Setup dialog box, expand Project Summary and click Organizational Awareness.
    3. Click OK in each dialog box.
  5. Save the template to upload it to the repository.

The Organizational Awareness data field is now available on the Project Charter. Because the Project Charter is a management form, the new data field is added to every project and project template in the subscription. For more information about management forms, go to Update management forms.

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