Create a project template

Create a project template to reflect the IDEAL methodology, which includes the following phases: Initiate, Diagnose, Establish, Act, and Learn.

To prevent this example from affecting your live site, discard any changes before you exit the sandbox.

  1. In the sandbox, click Templates.
  2. Click New Project Template.
  3. In the sandbox template editor, right-click the only phase in the Roadmap, choose Rename, and enter Initiate.
  4. Right-click the renamed phase and choose Insert Phase. Add four more phases and name them as follows: Diagnose, Establish, Act, Learn.
  5. To the phases, add tools, forms, and optionally, folders. The completed template might look like the following image.
  6. After you complete the template, choose File > Save As.
  7. Click Browse.
  8. In the Save Template dialog box, enter the name Ideal Project.
  9. Save the template to upload it to the repository.
  10. Verify that the new template appears in the list of project templates. You may have to refresh the sandbox.
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