Toolbar options for the Prep Tool

You can use a standard set of tools on the toolbar, located both at the top and the bottom of your screen.
Show or hide the tabs of the Prep Tool.
Reset Config
Reset the table to the full view of the data.
Save the current view of the table.
Apply your changes to the views. For example, if you apply a filter, you must select the Run button to apply these changes.
Auto Load
Automatically runs data transformations and filters. When Auto Load is selected, you do not have to select Run for updates.
Add a data record to the table.
Edit a selected record.
Copy Records
Creates a copy of the selected row.
Edit as Text
Change any field of the record. Edit as Text allows you to easily modify the field in a text format.
Delete the selected row.
Export the table with a selected file type.

When you send information from Connect by email, it is recommended that you select an email encryption option from the PGP / GPG Encryption drop down.

Import text records or files to your table.
Save External
Provides several options to save the table:
  • Copy: Saves as a new table with or without views and visuals.
  • Reference: Saves as a custom SQL table.
  • Data Process: Creates a data process based on data transformations.
  • Web URL: Creates a URL to view data.
  • Excel Web URL: Creates a URL to import data into Excel. You can then refresh your Excel worksheet to include the recent data in the table.
Data Streaming
Use to push data into a Connect table from an outside source. When you select this feature, Connect gives you a URL that you can use to push data into the table. If you want to copy CURL syntax to stream data from the command prompt, select CURL Post from the Format drop down.

You cannot push more than 10,000 records into a table at once.

If your field name includes a period, such as "value.0.type", the data streaming URL may give you an error. For example, this URL will give an error:
If this occurrs, use the action=insert method instead. This URL will work correctly:
Export to Minitab
Export the table as a Minitab worksheet (MWX).
Conditional Formats
Add formatting, such as highlight color and text attributes, to a column of data.
Mass Transforms and Mass Format
Add a data prep, such as a sum or average, to several columns at the same time. You can also change the formats of several columns at the same time.
Show Totals
Displays the sum of numeric columns.
Changes the table view from data records in rows to data records in columns.
Show SQL
Shows the SQL for this table. You can copy this SQL, modify it, and paste into a custom SQL table.
Clear Filters
Removes all the filters on the table.
Read Only
Indicates that the table is locked for edits.