Table property options for the Base Tool

The left side of the screen provides options you can make for the table. Before saving a new table, you must enter a Name and choose a Folder location.
Enter a name for the table.
Enter a description for the table. You can expand the length of the box by selecting and dragging the bottom right corner of the box.
Select an existing folder from the dropdown list, or select the plus button to create a new folder. If you create a new folder, Minitab Connect opens a new screen where you can enter a name, description, and a parent folder. If you do not want to nest the new folder under an existing folder, select /(root) in the Parent dropdown list. Select Save to save the new folder and return to the dataset tab. If you decide that you do not want to save the new folder, close the window by selecting .
Tag the table with a keyword. You can select from an existing tag or enter a new one.
Choose whether the table is in Production or Development.
Order By
Select the field by which Minitab Connect orders the table. The System: ID is a number that represents the original order of the rows of the table. The System: Created is the date and time the row was created. The System: Updated is the date and time the row was last updated.
Order Direction
Order the table by either ascending or descending values.
Primary Date Field
Choose whether you want the primary date used to sort the table to be when a record was created or the last time it was updated.
System Index Fields
Select to index one or more of the system Fields for quicker loads.
Multi-Field Index
Use to create a single index across multiple fields. You can use this index to ignore new entries with the same index, or to update existing data with the same index.
Choose the owner of the table.