Field options for the Base Tool

Each field corresponds to a column of data in the table. You can use the Setup tab on the Base Tool to change the field type or to change the field's properties.

Types of fields

The data in a field can be one of ten different types. Select the expander to see the full list of field options.
Enter text strings. By default, the maximum length for a string is 50. You can change the maximum length in Length. Minitab Connect stores text objects as strings, which can use a lot of memory if the string is large. If your text strings are larger than 2,000 characters, consider using a Long Text field.
Long Text
Long text fields are stored as a blob and use less memory than a text field. Use this option when you pull in objects that are larger than several thousand characters, such as JSON files.
Enter any kind of numeric data.
Enter date/time data. Minitab Connect looks for date formats with the day, month and year. If you import data with incomplete information (for example, no year), the data imports as a text field and may not display correctly in a visualization.
Enter data from on a specific list of values. Specify the values under Values.
Upload a file for the field.
Enter a link as a basic URL string or a JSON object. Connect processes a basic URL string as a hyperlink with the URL string as the HREF value and the column name as the link text. Connect processes a JSON object with a title attribute and a URL attribute and uses the title attribute as the link text. The names of both attributes must be lowercase.
	"title": "Minitab Home Page",
	"url": ""
Create unique identifiers (custom or auto-generated) for use in indexing, joining, or assuring unique records.
Enter data that is an inline visualization type that displays in the row of a table. All Sparkline formats require data to be set up as comma-separate-values. For example, Field value = "13,12,43,12".
Populate the field with the user who entered the data.

Field options

Set a format, such as currency or HTML, for the field.
Date Type
Select either User Entered, Insert Date, or Update Date.
Set the field length to ensure it is long enough for your data entries.
Select to link a List to a parent.
Value Type
Choose whether to manually enter values for a List or to import them from a table.
Enter values for a List.
Custom SQL
Use custom SQL to manipulate this field.
Default value
Enter a default value that you can select when you enter data.
Custom Options
Add options for your Sparkline field.
Index Field
Set this field as an indexed field in the database for faster loading.
Set the field to a mandated completed field in the table and in forms.
Only automated process or Custom SQL can update the value.
Hide the field in the Prep tool. You can still use the field for calculations and processing.
Disabled On Export
Do not include this field on export.