In the previous section, the analyst created various spline charts that show the number of acceptances for all email and social media offers for all genre types. While spline charts are useful, the analyst wants to explore other chart types.

Change the graph type

Follow these instructions to change the chart type to a bar chart.

  1. From the Visualize Tool , open the Saves tab.
  2. Open the All Offers on Same Scale graph that you created previously in the section, Use the same scale to compare variables.
  3. Select Run to generate the chart.
  4. Open the Fields tab.
  5. Under Type, select Bar to create a bar chart. Investigate other chart types to see which one works best for your application.
  6. Select Run to generate your chart.
  7. Select Save to save this visual.
  8. Under Visual, select New Visual and enter a Name. For this example, enter All Offers on Same Scale Bar Chart.
  9. Select Save.
Like the spline chart, this bar chart also shows the number of acceptances for all email and social media offers, by date.

The analyst uses this chart to easily compare the number of acceptances between email and social media offers.

Use the advanced options

Feel free to explore the graph options on the Options tab. Each graph type has several available options, such as legend placement, display of minimum and maximum scale values, and colors.