In this example, a marketing analyst generates weekly data but wants to reschedule and flow the data daily. Follow these instructions to modify the data flow schedule.

Modify the data schedule

This example shows a scheduled change from weekly to daily data. Your specific steps depend on the type of flow trigger that you select.

  1. Open the Flow Tool .
  2. Double-click the existing scheduled flow to open the Modify Flow Trigger dialog box.
  3. Under Type, select one of the following options:
    • Manual runs the process when requested.
    • Scheduled runs the process as specified by a schedule.
    • Data Event runs the process when new data are inserted or updated, or when old data are deleted.
    • Form Submission runs the process when a form is submitted.
    • Flow Completion allows you to chain multiple data flows together. For example, you can use Flow Completion to run Flow 2 after Flow 1 runs, or you can use flows from different data sets.
  4. For this example, the analyst selects Scheduled.
  5. Under Frequency, select Daily and specify the time and the start and end dates.
  6. Select Save.

You can enter the details as needed for your scheduled flow.

Add a new flow to an existing flow

In addition to the daily data pull, the marketing analyst also wants to add the daily summary export to the flow. Your specific steps depend on the type of flow trigger that you select.

This example shows how to add a new flow item with an existing flow.

  1. Open the Flow Tool .
  2. Under the existing scheduled flow, select the New Flow Item button.
  3. Under Name, enter Daily Report to name the new flow item.
  4. Under Type, select Export.
  5. Under Export, select Daily Genre Export.
  6. Select OK to save the new flow item.
When you save the flow, the new flow item is added. You now have a saved flow that pulls data, creates an export, and emails the summary data daily.