Create and edit a Quick Format

A Quick Format is a reusable set of formatting options that are available in process maps, value stream maps, and forms that are in design mode.

Apply a Quick Format

Every map and form in design mode has a set of predefined formats. Because maps and forms contain different objects, such as shapes, connectors, labels, headings, and so on, the set of predefined formats differ.

To apply a Quick Format, complete the following steps.

  1. Select the object or text to format.
  2. Select the Quick Format button, then select the format to apply.

Create a custom Quick Format

To create a custom Quick Format, complete the following steps.

  1. Right-click the object or text that includes the formatting options that you want to reuse, then choose Format > Save as a Custom Quick Format.
  2. Enter a name, then select OK.
    The new format is available on the Quick Format menu.

Edit a predefined Quick Format on forms

You can only edit a Quick Format on forms in design mode.

  1. In Design mode, select the Quick Format button, right-click a predefined format, then choose Edit.
  2. In the Format dialog box, change the options and select OK. If you edit a Quick Format that is already applied, you must reapply it for your changes to take effect.