Display data on a map

On a process map or value stream map, you can arrange data on a shape and decide whether to show or hide the data or its labels.

Select and arrange data fields on a shape

For a value stream map, process shapes and inventory shapes, which also include buffer stock, supermarket, and FIFO shapes, display data on the map after you enter values for any of the following data fields.
  • Cycle Time
  • VA CT
  • NVA CT
  • Changeover
  • Inventory
  • Inv Time

For process map and all other shapes on a value stream map, you must complete the following steps to arrange data fields on a shape.

  1. Select a shape, then choose Map > Data Display > Select and Arrange Shape Data.
  2. In the Select and Arrange Shape Data dialog box, drag a data field from the list to the shape, then release the mouse when you determine a location. A red line indicates placement of the data beside the shape on the map.
  3. You can select and arrange multiple data fields.
  4. Select OK. Data displays beside the shape only if the selected data fields have values.

After you arrange the data on a shape, you can save it as a data format that you can apply to other shapes. For information about data formats, go to Default and custom data formats.

Show or hide data

When you add data to a shape, the process map displays the data label and its value beside the shape. You can hide only the data labels for a selected shape, or you can hide all shape data on the map.
Hide data labels
To hide only the data labels, select a shape, then choose Map > Data Display > Shape Data Labels.
In this value stream map, only the data labels are hidden.
Data labels shown
Data labels hidden
Hide all data
To hide all shape data, choose Map > Data Display > Shape Data.
In this process map, the data labels and their values are hidden.
All data shown
All data hidden