Attribute Agreement Analysis

Use an attribute agreement analysis to assess whether appraisers are consistent with themselves, with one another, and with known standards.

For example, a quality engineer wants to assess the consistency and correctness of the appraisers' ratings who rate the print quality of cotton fabric. To see an example, go to Minitab Help: Example of Attribute Agreement Analysis.

To add output from an attribute agreement analysis, go to Add and complete a form.

Data considerations

Your data must be discrete values for Y, which can be binary, nominal, or ordinal. You can use an attribute agreement analysis for binary data (good or bad), nominal data (yellow, blue, brown), or ordinal data (1, 2, 3, 4, where categories are value-ordered). You need at least 50 samples to obtain adequate estimates of agreement. Select samples from the entire range of process variation. Having fewer replicates of many samples is better than having many replicates of fewer samples. For more details, go to Minitab Help: Data considerations for Attribute Agreement Analysis.