TRIZ Technical Contradictions Matrix

Use the TRIZ Technical Contradictions Matrix to apply the 40 TRIZ Inventive Principles and resolve technical contradictions between competing features.

TRIZ is a method of inventive problem solving that relies on 40 principles to resolve contradictions in design. Contradictions in design occur when the improvement of one characteristic in a system causes the deterioration of another characteristic.

The TRIZ Technical Contradictions Matrix answers the following questions.
  • Which features might improve?
  • Which features might worsen?
  • What are some examples of each principle?
  • Which principles apply to my scenario?


  1. Identify the contradiction. For example, you want to install ordering kiosks in a popular coffee shop to improve wait time.
  2. From Improving Feature, select the principle responsible for the improvement. In this example, wait time is related to the principle of speed.
  3. From Worsening Feature, select the principle responsible for the corresponding degradation. In this example, the electronic kiosk is related to the principle of device complexity.
  4. After you select the features, the Recommended Principles table returns four principle-ID combinations based on the contradictory features you selected in the previous step.
  5. Under The 40 TRIZ Inventive Principles, select the arrow to see examples of each principle-ID combination.
  6. Select the check mark to open the matrix. Use the IDs in My Results to find the features to improve, in the rows, and the features that might degrade, in the columns.
  7. Use the information in the matrix to resolve the contradiction you identified.

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