Pairwise Comparison Matrix

With a QFD Project or a CDOV Project, use the Pairwise Comparison Matrix to prioritize customer requirements and determine which requirements are critical.
The Pairwise Comparison Matrix answers the following questions.
  • Which customer requirements have the highest priority?
  • Which customer requirements are critical?


Use voice-of the-customer techniques to gather customer requirements and always include members of the cross-functional team when you prioritize customer requirements.

  1. In the Customer Requirements Table, enter requirements from the customers' perspective. The Total and Importance Rating columns in this table update automatically as you complete the Pairwise Comparison Matrix.
  2. In the Pairwise Comparison Matrix, evaluate each customer requirement "pair", then choose the requirement that is more important.
  3. View the Pareto charts to see the results of the calculated columns in the Customer Requirements Table.
    • The Pareto Chart of Total shows which requirements were selected the most often.
    • The Pareto Chart of Importance Rating shows which requirements are the most important based on the number of times they were selected over another.
  4. If you have knowledge that affects the current important ratings, you can adjust the ratings in the Adjustments to Importance Rating section.

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