Value Stream Map Shape Data

Use the Value Stream Map Shape Data form to review, update, and sort all value stream map shape data in the project. Shape data is also referred to as activity data.
The Value Stream Map Shape Data form answers the following questions.
  • Which value stream map shape data, or activities from all maps, are in the project?
  • What are the values for all the value stream map shape data?
  • Are there any shapes that are missing values?
  • Which value stream map activity has the highest cycle time, the most scrap, or lowest inventory?


You can use the Value Stream Map Shape Data form only after you add activity data to shapes on a value stream map.

  1. Review and edit existing activity data. Because shape data is an attribute of the shape, you cannot add or delete table rows on the form.
  2. Some activity data is calculated. The only way to affect calculated activity data is to edit a data field that is used in the calculation.
  3. If necessary, change the order of the rows on the form.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.