Kaizen Event Risk Assessment

Use the Kaizen Event Risk Assessment form to evaluate whether a Kaizen event can be completed on time.
The Kaizen Event Risk Assessment answers the following questions.
  • What is the scope of the potential events?
  • Will the event eliminate or reduce waste as predicted?
  • Are necessary resources for the event available? Consider equipment needs, support from external organizations, and the availability of team resources.
  • Are there potential issues, such as regulatory approvals, that are beyond local control?


Complete the Kaizen Event Risk Assessment as a team. Ensure that team members represent various functions of the process.

  1. The evaluation criteria are divided into four categories.
    • Scope of event
    • Deployment
    • Team leader
    • Event closure and benefits
  2. Each category contains predefined risk factors. The process improvement leadership team can make changes to the list of risk factors.
  3. The leadership team defines and assigns a weight to each risk factor.
  4. Evaluate and rate the impact of each risk factor on the event using the following values.
    • Yes = 1
    • Probably = 3
    • Maybe = 4
    • Probably Not = 5
    • No = 10
    For example, an event without a clearly identified customer has a risk factor rating of No, which translates to a score of 10 times the weight for that risk factor.
  5. Sum the ratings to obtain a total risk assessment value that reflects the risk of not completing the event in a timely manner.

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