Activity Lean and Process Data

Use the Activity (Shape) Lean Data and Activity (Shape) Process Data forms to review or edit activity data on a process map. Activity data is also referred to as shape data.
These forms answer the following questions.
  • What process map data, from all maps, are currently in the project?
  • Which shapes have lean and process data associated with them?


  • You can use the Activity (Shape) Lean Data and the Activity (Shape) Process Data forms only after you add activity data to shapes on a process map.
  • Activity data is an attribute of the shape, not a separate entity, like variables data. Therefore, you cannot add or delete table rows on the forms.
  • You can only review and edit existing activity data. Some activity data is calculated. The only way to affect calculated activity data is to edit a data field that is used in the calculation.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.