Scatterplot Worksheet

Use the Scatterplot Worksheet form to create a scatterplot to compare the relationship between two variables.
The Scatterplot Worksheet answers the following questions.
  • What is the relationship between two variables. Usually, you plot a process output (Y) and a process input (X), or you plot two process inputs?
  • Is the relationship between the process output (Y) and a process input (X) the same for different levels (settings) of a second process input (X)?


Your data must include one or two pairs of numeric variables, which can be continuous or discrete.

  1. Enter a value for X1 and a value for Y1 in Series 1. You can add an optional label. For example, add a label for outliers.
  2. To add a second series, enter a value for X2 and a value for Y2 in Series 2.
  3. You can also specify X or Y values for reference lines.

With this tool, you can compare the relationships between two variables (X and Y) at two different levels of a third categorical variable. For example, you can plot yield (Y) versus temperature (X) using two different catalysts. To do this comparison, enter data in the X1 and Y1 columns for the first level of the categorical variable and in the X2 and Y2 columns for the second level of the categorical variable. To compare the relationship between X and Y for more than two levels of a categorical variable, or at levels of more than one categorical variable, use other graphs. For more information, go to Graph Your Data.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.