Pareto Chart Worksheet

Use the Pareto Chart Worksheet form to evaluate which inputs or categories have the greatest impact on a process output.
The Pareto Chart Worksheet answers the following questions.
  • Which defects occur most often?
  • Which defects have the highest cost or incur the highest cost of poor quality (COPQ)?
  • Which inputs cause the most defects or the least defects?


Your data must be summarized category (defect) names recorded in one column matched with summarized counts or cost values in another column.

  1. Determine the defects to compare and how to summarize them, for example, count, cost, and so on.
  2. In the Label column, record the defect names.
  3. In the Value column, record the number of occurrences or the cost for each defect.
  4. View the completed Pareto chart and summarize the results in the Conclusion section.

Focus efforts on the defects that account for about 80% of the total defects. These defects are likely to have the greatest impact on the process output. If the Pareto chart is flat, identify other factors, such as cost, or consider redefining the defects to better identify major problem areas.

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