Bar Chart Worksheet

Use the Bar Chart Worksheet to create a bar chart to compare values across multiple categories of data, such as, before and after. For example, you can compare defect rates, COPQs, or other similar metrics for different levels of a process input.
The Bar Chart Worksheet answers the following questions.
  • Do changes to a discrete process input have an effect on the process output?
  • If you make a change to the process, are the effects on the process output the same, proportionally the same, or different?


Your data must include summarized values of one variable. You can also have an optional second categorical variable with two levels.

If you have the data values, use other graphs. Plotting the data, instead of the summarized values, provides more information about your data. For more information, go to Graph Your Data.

  1. In the worksheet, enter a label and a value for each categorical variable.
  2. To compare a second 2-level categorical variable, such as before/after, enter a comparison value and a label for each bar cluster.
  3. View the completed bar chart and summarize the results.

For more information, go to Add and complete a form.