Available forms

Forms are divided into the following sections.
Project management
Explore forms that help you plan and organize a project and its resources. Learn about the Project Charter, Financial Data, the RACI (Responsibility Assignment Matrix), and more.
Process improvement
Explore forms that help you identify, analyze, and improve current processes. Learn about the C&E Matrix (X-Y Matrix), the FMEA, the Funnel Report, and more.
Lean improvement
Explore forms that help you eliminate waste and focus on the activities that bring value to your customers. Learn about the Five Day Kaizen Event, the Lean Metrics Comparison form, the Waste Analysis by Operation form, and more.
Product development
Explore forms that help you ensure that new or enhanced products or features satisfy an actual customer need. Learn about the House of Quality Matrix, the Pairwise Comparison Matrix, and more.
Explore forms that help you visualize your data. Learn about the Cycle Time Bar Chart, the Gantt Chart, the Pareto Chart Worksheet, and more.
Statistical analysis
Explore forms that allow you to capture and summarize statistical analyses from Minitab or other statistical software. Learn about the 1-Sample Hypothesis Test, DOE Analysis, the Normality Test, and more.