Introduction to Minitab Workspace®

Learn about Workspace

Workspace is a comprehensive set of visual tools, forms, and templates. You can open a single tool, add as many tools as you need, and save them all in a single project. You can also open a project with a built-in roadmap based on quality improvement methodologies, such as DMAIC, QFD, Just Do It, and Kaizen.

With all your tools in one place, data can be shared across tools and projects making it easier to work more efficiently, identify opportunities, understand complex initiatives, and ultimately solve problems.

Learn about this guide

This guide introduces you to some of the most commonly-used tools in Workspace. Use this guide to learn how to complete the following tasks.
  • Open a tool or a project.
  • Insert a fishbone, generate a brainstorm list, and create variables from the list.
  • Map your process using a process maps, cross-functional maps, and value stream maps.
  • Open forms and enter and share data.
  • Add a Monte Carlo simulation and become familiar with its concepts.

Open a project

You can open a project that has a roadmap. A roadmap defines the phases of the project, as well as the tools and forms to use in each phase. You can follow the methodology of a predefined roadmap, or you can create a custom project based on a roadmap that you define.

  1. To open Workspace, double-click the shortcut icon .
  2. Select New, then choose a project. Find the project templates under Projects.

Projects that have a roadmap

The following image shows an example of a project that has a roadmap in the navigator pane and a process map in the workspace.
Projects can have the following components.
1: Navigator pane
The area where you access the management tools and roadmap tools in your project.
2: Management Section
The set of forms in a project template that contain project data, such as Business Unit, Department, or Location, which are common to all projects. These forms ensure that project data is collected consistently across all projects.
3: Roadmap
The area where you add tools and forms and organize your project into phases.
4: Workspace
The area where you view and edit tools.
5: Task pane
The area where you interact with items in the workspace, for example, add data to shapes, apply formatting, and more.

Open a tool

You can open a single tool for a quick analysis, then add more tools as you need them. Because the tools are stored together in a single project, they can share data.

  1. To open Workspace, double-click the shortcut icon .
  2. Select New, then choose a tool from the list of common tools. To see a list of all the tools, select Show full list of tools. You can find this link below the tool gallery.

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