Set up data collection in a form

Use Data Collection Form to specify the data source for each measure and descriptor with a combination of data entry methods.

Use a data collection form for manual or gage entry

Data collection forms for each sampling plan are accessible via the operator dashboard. Before you can collect data, you must have a defined sampling plan with specified measures, descriptors, collection methods, and data sources.

Each sampling plan must have at least one measure.

With a data collection form, you can enter data manually into the form, or you can import data from a gage or file using a template. For more information on entering data into a data collection form, go to Enter data manually. For more information on using a template to enter data into a data collection form, go to Import data from a file with an existing template.

Follow these steps to specify a manual data collection.

  1. Open the station setup page for the product and process you want to configure.
  2. Under the Processes by Product section, select Configure.
  3. In Data Collection, select Data Collection Form.
  4. Select Edit for the measure or descriptor to link.
  5. Under Data Source, in Method, select Manual.
  6. Select OK.