Set up automatic data collection

Use Automatic to import all data automatically from a single Minitab Connect data table.

Each set of calculations can use a maximum of 10K observations. If you have more than 10K observations in a single batch, the calculations will be performed on partial batches.

To link a Connect data table to a sampling plan, you must have a data table that contains data from at least one measure, date/time information, and subgroup information, if applicable. For more information on creating a data table in Minitab Connect, go to Create a Minitab Connect® data table for automatic data collection.

  1. Open the station setup page for the product and process you want to configure.
  2. Under the Processes by Product section, select Configure.
  3. In Data Collection, select Automatic.
  4. Select Set Data Source.
  5. In Source, browse to the appropriate folder and table. You can select the table or a particular view within the table.
  6. Link the date/time column and the subgroup identifier column.
    1. In Time column, select a date/time column that contains the timestamp. The acceptable date and time format is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.

      If timestamps are different within the same subgroup, Real-Time SPC uses the first valid timestamp for the entire subgroup.

    2. In Subgroup ID, select a numeric or text column.
    3. Select OK.
  7. Link each measure and descriptor with a data column. Each field must use a unique data column.
  8. Select OK.

If you need to change the data table or data view, date column, or subgroup column, select Set Data Source.

Complete the following steps to edit the data columns.
  1. Select Edit to change the data column for a measure.
  2. In Data column, select a numeric column that contains your data.
  3. Select OK.