Define a new sampling plan

The first step is to add a new sampling plan to the process of the product. Then you can specify the sampling schedule and specific measures.

To create a new sampling plan, your process must have at least one measure. You cannot create a new sampling plan with only descriptor variables. After you add measures to a process and add that process to the process flow for a product, you can specify sampling plans for all the measures. For more information, go to Example of adding measures to the process.

Example of adding a new sampling plan

The Flavorful Fruit Company adds new sampling plans for the inspection process.

  1. Go to the Components page and select a product. Then select the process flow step of your product. For this example, we navigate to the Inspection process of the Strawberry Fruit Spread product.
  2. Open the process step and go to the Data Collection section.
  3. Select Add Sampling Plan.
  4. Enter a name and description for the new sampling plan and then select OK. For this example, we add the Berry Inspection plan.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Select Edit to open the sampling plan settings.
  7. In the Sampling Plan Settings section, determine the sampling schedule and frequency.
    • Select Set time interval to specify the time interval between data collections.
    • Select On-demand sampling to collect data on demand and not according to a schedule.
    Select Collect startup sample if you want to collect a sample as soon as the station goes online. For more information, go to Collect a startup sample.
  8. In the Collection Details section, select the measures and descriptors to include in the sampling plan. You can add or edit relevant instructions. You can make changes to subgroup size on the control chart settings page.
  9. Save your changes.