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Use this e-learning course to learn and apply the statistics you need to improve quality with Minitab Statistical Software. Once you have a subscription, you can refresh your knowledge any time you are online.

Subscription FAQs

What is a Quality Trainer subscription?
Quality Trainer is a subscription-based, e-learning course that teaches you statistics and how to analyze your data with Minitab software. A Quality Trainer subscription allows you to access the Quality Trainer course for a period of 1-5 years, designated at the time of purchase.
When does my subscription begin?
The subscription begins on the date of purchase for all users assigned to a subscription. The end date is the same for all users on a subscription.
What subscription terms are available?
Minitab offers variable subscription terms of 1-5 years.
Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you may purchase up to 100 subscriptions through the Minitab Store. To purchase more than 100 subscriptions, please contact Minitab Sales. Each individual subscription must be assigned to a unique user. Unassigned subscriptions cannot be applied to continue or renew existing subscriptions of Quality Trainer.

What assigned roles are available within a Quality Trainer subscription?

Users can be assigned one or two roles in a Quality Trainer subscription. These roles include a Quality Trainer User or a License Administrator. Quality Trainer Users complete the interactive lessons, quizzes, and exercises, and view their progress in the Quality Trainer application. License Administrators manage the subscription for their company in the License Portal. License Administrators can assign individuals in the subscription to one role, or both—and an unlimited set of users can be assigned to each role.

An individual designated as a Quality Trainer User and License Administrator can access subscription management capabilities in the License Portal as well as user and group management capabilities in the Quality Trainer application. The initial subscription coordinator assigned to the purchase order will be assigned both Quality Trainer User and License Administrator roles. For more information, please contact your Sales representative.

Can Quality Trainer be added to my multi-user license of Minitab Statistical Software?
Yes, Quality Trainer can be added to multi-user licenses for a discounted fee. During the licensed period, all users accessing Minitab Statistical Software can also access a Quality Trainer subscription.
Can I reset my progress data?
Yes, as a Quality Trainer User, you can reset your progress data at any time. A License Administrator can also reset any user’s progress data.
Can I renew my subscription?
Yes, once a multi-user Quality Trainer subscription expires, the subscription may be renewed within 60 days of expiration. Renewal of a subscription will ensure that your progress data is saved, provided you use the same account information. However, single-user Quality Trainer subscriptions and associated progress data will expire based on the term purchased and cannot be renewed. After expiration of a single-user subscription, you will need to purchase a new subscription to access the Quality Trainer course again.
Once my subscription expires, what happens to my progress data?
Minitab’s data retention policies require that subscriptions and user accounts that have been expired for more than 60 days be removed. Progress data and subscriptions cannot be recovered after this time. To retain progress data for multi-user Quality Trainer subscriptions, you can renew your subscription within 60 days of its expiration.
How does Quality Trainer compare with Instructor-Led Training by Minitab?

The Quality Trainer course offers in-depth, web-based instruction with material from three popular instructor-led training courses: Minitab Essentials, Statistical Quality Analysis, and Factorial Designs. It offers the convenience of learning quality statistics at your own pace. Click here to view the Quality Trainer table of contents.

Instructor-led training offers intensive training taught by expert statisticians, allowing you to ask specific questions about your quality processes and share information with other quality professionals attending.

Can I cancel a subscription to Quality Trainer?
Yes, but only if the subscription has not yet been accessed. Once you have accessed your subscription, it cannot be cancelled. To request that a subscription be cancelled, please contact Minitab Sales.

Quality Trainer FAQs

How do I access the Quality Trainer course?

Upon purchasing a single-user or multi-user Quality Trainer subscription, Minitab will send a welcome email from websupport@minitab.com with instructions for activating your account. After activation, you can begin using Quality Trainer and assigning users to your subscription.

After you have activated your account, you can access Quality Trainer directly at https://qualitytrainer.minitab.com. If you aren’t logged into your Quality Trainer account, you will be required to log in before accessing the course content.

You can also access Quality Trainer on www.minitab.com at any time by selecting the “My Account” link in the top right corner of the page. You will then arrive at the Minitab License Portal where you will need to log in. Then select “Quality Trainer” from your list of products to view your course content.

What are the system requirements for Quality Trainer?
Quality Trainer requires a broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable, or faster) and a Web browser. View the complete list of system requirements.
Do I need to have Minitab Statistical Software installed on my computer?
If you want to try the hands-on examples provided in the Minitab Tools and Exercise activities, you will need to have Minitab installed. However, to complete the course, you are only required to view the demonstrations in these sections.
Which versions of Minitab Statistical Software are compatible with Quality Trainer?
Quality Trainer is compatible with Minitab 19, Minitab 18, Minitab 17, and Minitab 16.
How do I reset a quiz so I can take it again?
To reset a completed quiz, return to the quiz and press the Retake Quiz button.
Will the questions change if I retake the quiz?
You may retake a quiz as many times as you like, but the questions will remain the same.
If I take a quiz multiple times, can I see all the grades I received?
No, your Quality Trainer progress data only displays the score for the most recently attempted quiz.
Do I need to complete all the chapters in order?
No, you have the flexibility to complete chapters in any order you like.

Troubleshooting FAQs

What if I am having trouble playing the Quality Trainer course?
If you have difficulty playing the Quality Trainer course, you may need to disable any pop-up blocking software or pop-up settings in your web browser. Additionally, you may need to disable your browser’s compatibility settings. For help, please contact Minitab Support.
Why is there no sound when the Quality Trainer course begins?
By default, modern browsers have disabled video sound from automatically playing in a browser session. A message should appear when you first launch the Quality Trainer course, notifying you to unmute your browser. By pressing Unmute, sound should play.
Why is my worksheet empty?

Many of the Minitab Tools and Exercise activities provide worksheets with sample data so you can apply what you’ve learned in Minitab software. However, there are some activities you can complete without sample data. After downloading worksheets corresponding to such activities, you will be prompted to open or save Worksheet 1.mtw. These worksheets are empty and will simply open Minitab Statistical Software for you. You can proceed with the activity by following the instructions given in that section.

The following activities do not require sample data:
  • 2.4.5 Minitab Tools: Cumulative Probabilities with a Normal Distribution
  • 2.4.6 Exercise: Probabilities and Normal Distributions
  • 3.7.5 Minitab Tools: 1 Proportion Test
  • 3.7.6 Exercise: 1 Proportion Test
  • 3.8.5 Minitab Tools: 2 Proportions Test
  • 3.8.6 Exercise: 2 Proportions Test
  • 9.2.5 Minitab Tools: Create a Full Factorial Design
  • 9.2.7 Exercise: Create a Full Factorial Design
  • 9.3.5 Minitab Tools: Create a Factorial Design with Blocks and Center Points
  • 9.3.7 Exercise: Create a Factorial Design with Blocks and Center Points
  • 9.4.5 Minitab Tools: Create a Fractional Factorial Design