What's New in Qeystone 1.9.0

Qeystone 1.9.0, released December 8, 2014, lets you design summaries to report on specific subsets of projects. You can also use two new filter conditions, Is Any Of and Is None Of. The new functionality has been added to the Qeystone.com Dashboard and does not require an update to be made to Qeystone Tools.


The new Subset tab lets you specify projects to include in a summary's calculations. When you define a subset, you can emphasize critical information for different subsets of projects, all in the same report. For example, you can create summaries that highlight the number of completed projects for each region, or the hard savings for each business unit. Now, stakeholders can find the information they need quickly and easily without having to apply filters or switch reports. For information on how to define a subset, go to STEP 4 Subset: Defining a subset of projects (optional).

Filter conditions

Two new filter conditions, Is Any Of and Is None Of, are now available. You can use these conditions to save time and steps when you select a list field to create a subset or a filter condition. For a description of these and other filter conditions, go to Filter criteria.
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