What's New in Qeystone 1.7.0

Qeystone 1.7.0, released August 11, 2014, includes feature and performance enhancements that let users get more from their data. New graphing capabilities and display options makes monitoring and managing projects even easier. The new functionality has been added to the Qeystone.com Dashboard and does not require an update to be made to Qeystone Tools.

Trend summaries

A new and improved summary editor lets you easily create trend summaries to help you visualize your data over time. You can also apply grouping variables!

To learn more about trend summaries, go to Add a summary.
New trend summary components

1: Grouping variables
Summarize your key metrics with a grouping variable such as Region, Business Unit, or Project Type. When you use a grouping variable, you can see details and compare data in ways that were previously available only through filters.
2: Row and column totals
Show or hide row totals, column totals, and grand totals independently to get overall results by time period or grouping level.
3: Number scaling
Tables and graphs automatically scale numbers to appropriate magnitudes, such as thousands or millions. You can also override the auto-scale option to choose the scale that best meets your needs.

Cumulative calculations

Summaries can now display cumulative calculations over time. Use the cumulative option when you want to see the cumulative total at each time point instead of the individual time point's value.

Line chart
Line chart with the cumulative option

More bar chart options

With grouping variables, you now have more bar chart options to support tables with both rows and columns. Use Cluster to compare groups, use Stacked to compare the total of all groups, or use Stacked % to show the contribution of each group on a percentage basis.

To learn more about graphs, go to Graph types

Stacked %

Easy, intuitive, and interactive summary editor

An easy, step-by-step summary editor walks you through creating a summary.
An intuitive customization menu lets you experiment with different summary, table, and graph settings. Arrange table positions, set the width of the summary, include or exclude table headings and graph labels, and choose from four different color palettes.
An interactive preview lets you see your customized settings as you make them. You can even change labels, such as summary titles, table headings, and graph labels in the preview. Just click the label in the summary preview, and then type the new text. Qeystone updates the label in real-time in the summary preview and on the settings tab.
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