What's New in Qeystone 1.11.0

Qeystone 1.11.0, released August 24, 2015, lets you add targets to any summary. The new functionality has been added to the Qeystone.com Dashboard and does not require an update to be made to Qeystone Tools.

New target features raise the bar for at-a-glance reports

In Qeystone 1.11.0, we expanded the target capabilities to let you add targets to any summary including summaries that vary over time and across grouping variables. For example, if your business is seasonal, you might set different quarterly targets to account for these fluctuations. Or, if you expect different levels of performance from different business units, you can set targets accordingly.

New target features allow greater flexibility and require less maintenance. Targets for totals are automatically calculated when your table includes totals. And, now you can enter target values for future time periods, so that your summaries stay relevant over time.

Targets for cumulative trend summaries automatically accumulate over time. Notice that the target of 90 is accumulated over each month.

You can even add a target to a table that has both row and column variables so you can view performance metrics for each cell.

For more information, go to STEP 5 Targets: Adding targets to a summary (optional).

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