What's New in Qeystone 1.10

Learn about the new features in Qeystone 1.10. The new functionality has been added to the Qeystone.com Dashboard and does not require an update to be made to Qeystone Tools.

What's New in Qeystone 1.10.2

Qeystone 1.10.2, released March 30, 2015, lets you add targets to snapshot summaries.
When you add a target to a summary, you can quickly see how close or far you are from attaining your goals. For more information, go to STEP 5 Targets: Adding targets to a summary (optional).

What's New in Qeystone 1.10.1

Qeystone 1.10.1, released February 17, 2015, includes the ability to set a default report.

Set a default report

Now, you can make your favorite report the one you see every time you sign in to the Dashboard. Qeystone remembers your personal setting regardless of the computer or the browser you use to sign in. For more information, go to About Dashboard reports.

What's New in Qeystone 1.10.0

Qeystone 1.10.0, released January 27, 2015, includes a new filter condition and the ability to save reports as PDF.

Save as PDF

You can capture and share the valuable information and colorful graphs of the Dashboard reports with others who don't have a Qeystone account. For more information, go to About Dashboard reports.

New filter condition

The new Is In filter condition automatically updates summaries and reports. You could use the condition to show projects that have important milestones, such as a phase gate review, within the next 7 or the next 30 days. You could also use the condition to show total savings for projects completed in the previous year or to find projects that are due next quarter. For a description of this and other filter conditions, go to Filter criteria.
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