About the Roadmap

Every project template has a Roadmap, which is located in the Project Manager.
The Roadmap defines the phases of the project and includes the tools and forms to use in each phase. Complete the existing forms and tools within each phase. If necessary, you can add other forms and tools.
Roadmap in a project template

Complete existing forms

You can use forms, such as the Project Charter or Financial Data, to record important project data that is included in Dashboard reports. You can use other forms, such as the FMEA or the C&E Matrix, to execute your project.
  • To move between fields and table cells, press the Tab key.
  • To add rows or columns to a data table, hold the pointer on the row or the column, click the add/delete button , and then choose an option.
    Add or delete a row
    Add or delete a column
  • To sort a table column, hold the pointer on the lower right corner of the column header. When the sort button appears, right-click it and choose Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
    Sort a column

Add other tools

Roadmaps can also contain non-form tools such as process maps, value stream maps, and brainstorming tools. If the Roadmap doesn't contain a tool that you need, you can add it.
  1. In the Roadmap, right-click the phase to insert the tool, and then choose a tool. Some tools come with a variety of templates.
  2. In the New Tool From Template dialog box, choose a template, and then click OK.
For more information about how to use each tool, refer to the following Help topics:

What's Next

Now that you have completed some forms and tools, you can view the Dashboard to see how all the projects in your organization are contributing to the deployment.
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