STEP 1 Variables: Selecting variables

Choose from four different types of variables.

Types of variables

A: Number of Projects

A variable in the Number of Projects category that counts the number of projects included in the Dashboard. The Number of Projects variable counts projects regardless of date. It is not an event.

Use the Number of Projects variable with grouping variables to count projects with specific characteristics, for example, Number of Projects by Location and/or Project Type.

B: Events

Variables in the Number of Projects category that are used to count the occurrence of date-based events. For example, the Number of Projects Started counts the number of projects that have a Start Date in the specified period of time.

C: Single-value

Variables that have only one value per project. For example, a project can have only one value for Location, or a project can have only a single calculated value for Project Duration.

D: Multiple-entry

Variables that include one or more rows of data per project. For example, the variable Hard Savings in the Financial Data Time-Ordered category has 12 rows of monthly hard savings data.

What if I change variables?

If you select a variable that is not compatible with any of the previously selected variables, Qeystone adds the selected variable and removes the variables that are not compatible.

The following table shows the compatibility of different variables.
Variable Compatibility
Number of Projects variable Not compatible with any other variables
Events Compatible only with other events
Multiple-entry variables Compatible only with multiple-entry variables in the same category
Single-value variables Compatible only with single-value variables
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