A value stream map shows how materials and information flow through the value stream. A current state value stream map helps you to identify waste and to envision an improved future state.

How the value stream map works

As you add data to shapes on the value stream map, Qeystone Tools calculates a timeline at the bottom of the map.

Start a value stream map

  1. In Qeystone Tools, right-click a phase in the Roadmap and choose New > Value Stream Map.
  2. Click a value stream map template and then click OK.
  3. To add a label to an existing shape or connector, click it, and then type the text.
  4. To add a title or other text, choose Insert > Text Box and then type the text.

Add data to the shapes

Add data to the shapes to create the timeline.

  1. If your value stream map template already contains shapes, enter data for the shapes:
    1. Right click a shape and choose Insert Shape Data.
    2. In the task pane, enter data. For example, the data that you enter in the task pane appears with the shape.
      To change where data appears or to add more data, see Shape data on a value stream map.

      Do not enter Cycle Time on an inventory shape. Instead, enter Inventory or Inventory Time.

  2. If necessary, add more shapes. For more information on shapes, see Value stream map shapes.
    1. Choose Insert > Shape and choose a shape.
    2. Click the workspace to put the shape where you want it, and type a name for it.
    3. Click the workspace to view the shape and its name.
  3. Connect the shapes.
    1. Choose Insert > Connector and choose a connector.
    2. Drag the red square from one shape to a different shape.
      Start point
      End point

Add the same object multiple times

To save time, you can add the same object, such as a shape or a connector, to the map multiple times.

  1. On the process map toolbar, click the Multi-Insert Mode button , and then choose the object to add.
  2. Click the workspace until you add as many of the same objects as you need.
  3. To exit multi-insert mode, click the Select button on the toolbar.
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