Analysis capture tools

Use analysis capture tools to summarize the statistical analyses that you perform in Minitab or other statistical software.

Start an analysis capture tool

  1. In Qeystone Tools, right-click a phase in the Roadmap and choose New > Analysis Capture.
  2. Choose a template.
    • To open a generic analysis capture tool, choose Analysis Capture, if it is available.
    • To filter the list of templates, select a category from Categories.

Move between fields or cells

  • Press Tab, Enter, or the up and the down arrow keys.

Copy information from Minitab

  1. In Minitab, select the text or graph to be copied.
  2. Right-click the selected text or graph and choose Copy.
  3. In Qeystone Tools, open the analysis capture tool.
  4. Right-click the field and choose Paste.

Add rows to a table

  • Pause your cursor where you want to add a new row and click the arrow when it appears on the left side of the table.

Delete rows from a table

  • Pause your cursor on the row to delete, click , and then choose a delete option.

Clear all of the information you entered

  • Choose Actions > Reset Form.
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