How to check in a project if a recovery file exists

If Qeystone Tools loses connection to the repository while you are editing a project, for example, you close your laptop lid, then Qeystone Tools creates a temporary file on the computer to save your changes. If a recovery file exists, the project stays checked out, even if Qeystone Tools is not open, until you do the following steps:
  1. If necessary, re-establish an Internet connection.
  2. Open Qeystone Tools.
    The recovery file opens.
  3. Do either of the following steps:
    • (Recommended) To save the changes in the recovery file, save the project and close Qeystone Tools. The project is checked in with the latest changes.
    • To discard the changes in the recovery file, close Qeystone Tools without saving the project. The project is checked in without the latest changes.

Recovery files are not created for projects that are opened in read-only mode.

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