Create a new project template

Create project templates to ensure consistency and standardization throughout the organization. For more information about project templates, see About project templates.

Create the new project template

To create a new project template, you must open an existing project template in the template repository.

  1. Sign in to Qeystone Tools.
  2. Click Create a New Project.
  3. Choose a project template, and then click OK.

Create custom data fields

In the new project template, you can create custom data fields for the data that your organization wants to view in the Dashboard. All projects that start with the project template will have these custom data fields.


Before you create any templates with custom data fields, carefully plan and determine the data that your organization wants to track.

For information about how to create custom categories and data fields, see Create custom data.

Develop the project Roadmap

At the start of a project, the Roadmap provides an outline of the project plan. To develop the Roadmap for a template, add the required phases a team must complete. To the phases, add any required form templates, tool templates, or related documents. This way, any team that uses the project template has a common starting point. After a team completes a project, the Roadmap provides a record of their work.

  1. To add phases, right-click the Roadmap and choose New > Phase, type the name of the phase, and then press Enter. You can drag the phase to any location in the Roadmap.
  2. To add form and tool templates, right-click a phase in the Roadmap, choose New, and then choose a form template or a tool template. You can change the template name or drag the template to a different phase in the Roadmap.
  3. To add a related document, do either of the following steps:
    • To add a project-related document, in the Project Manager, right-click Related Document and choose New Related Document.
    • To add a phase-related document, in the Roadmap, right-click a phase and choose New > Related Document.

Show or hide areas of the Project Manager

To ensure that users enter data in forms, and not in the Management section, you can hide areas of the Project Manager.

  1. Choose Tools > Options.
  2. Click the Display tab and select the items that you want to hide in the Project Manager.
  3. Click OK.

Save the project template (administrators only)

Save the project template to the template repository on your Qeystone site, where users can access it.

  1. Choose File > Save Project As Template.
  2. Enter a name for the project template.
  3. Browse to the folder where you want to store the template.
  4. Click Save. When you close the template, Qeystone Tools saves it to the template repository.
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