Insert a data table

Insert a data table so that users can enter multiple rows or columns of data when they fill out a form.

If you want to share multiple entry data, such as tasks or team members with a form, you must insert a data table. For information about how to share multiple entry data, see Share data in forms.

  1. In design mode, hold the mouse pointer where you want to add the data table.
  2. On the form toolbar, click the Insert Data Table button . If the form toolbar is not active, choose View > Toolbars > Form.
  3. In the Insert Data Table dialog box, enter a name for the table and the number of columns, and then click OK.
    This example shows a default data table. Each column contains a Text Box control in the data-entry row.
  4. In the header, enter a label for each column.
  5. If necessary, in the data-entry row, delete a Text Box control and insert a different control.
    For example, if you want users to select an option from a list, you might change the Text Box control to a Drop Down control. For a list of controls, see Choose a form control.
After you set up a data table in design mode, you can test it in fill out mode. A data table looks different in design mode than it does in fill out mode.
A 3-column data table in design mode

In design mode, the data table shows the controls, not the user-entered values.

A 3-column data table in fill out mode

In fill out mode, the data table shows the user-entered values.

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