Choose a form control

Choose a form control that helps users to enter data correctly.

What is a form control?

A form control is a design element that allows users to enter or view data in fill-out mode. For example, controls allow users to do the following:
  • Enter text, numeric values, and dates
  • Choose from a set of values
  • View their data in a graph
  • View the results of a formula
  • Show or hide sections of a form

Insert a form control

  1. In design mode, place the cursor where you want to insert the control.
  2. Choose Insert > Control and choose a control. To see a list of form controls, see Form controls.

View properties associated with a form control

When you insert a form control, you define its properties. Properties determine the control's appearance and behavior in fill-out mode. Different controls have different properties, which can include the control name, type, format, and data sharing, to name a few. You can view a summary of the properties associated with a form control in the Control Summary task pane.

  1. In design mode, select a control on the form.
  2. In the task pane, click Control Summary.
  3. To edit the control properties, click Edit properties.
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