Before you create a form template

Before you create a form template, determine the data to collect, identify the data to share, and consider the layout of the form.

What data do I want to collect in the form?

The most common types of data to collect are:
  • Demographic data that identifies and describes the project; for example, project name, project leader, division
  • Financial data that your organization uses to measure project savings; for example, hard savings, soft savings, implementation costs
  • Performance metrics that your organization uses to measure project improvement; for example, DPMO (LT), Cpk, Ppk
  • Replication information that identifies projects that can be applied to other areas of your organization; for example, replication potential, estimated value of replications

Which data do I want to share?

Typically, data that users enter in forms is shared throughout the project and with the Dashboard. Most forms share the project name field. However, you might also share the estimated savings on the Project Charter with the Project Closure so that you can compare the estimated savings to the final savings. Then, you can set up summaries in the Dashboard to display the savings for multiple projects. If you do not want to track the data in the Dashboard, do not apply data sharing.

For more information about how to share data in forms, see Share data in forms.

Should I start with an existing template or a blank template?

If Qeystone Tools has a form template that is similar to one that you want to create, it might be easier to modify it instead of creating a new one from a blank template. For example, you can start with an existing template and do several of the following tasks:
  • Add a new control
  • Change a form control label
  • Change the data source for a form control
  • Add a logo or picture
  • Change background colors

For a description of all the standard form templates in Qeystone Tools, see Form templates.

What should the form look like?

Before you create your form, you may want to make a sketch of what you want it to look like. Some things to consider:
  • What do you want the form field labels to be?
  • How do you want to group the form fields?
  • Do you want to use shading? If so, what colors?
  • Do you want to add pictures or logos? How about hyperlinks?
  • Are there any instructions that you want to include on the form?
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