Before you create custom data

Custom data is the data fields and categories that you create to track the information that is important to your organization.

To determine the custom data to create, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Talk to each group in your organization to determine the data that they need to track in the Dashboard.
  2. Verify that all groups agree on terminology for the data.
    For example, standardize on the term "Estimated Soft Savings" instead of "Estimated Benefit".
  3. Verify that all groups agree on how to calculate the data.
    For example, ensure that all groups calculate hard savings, soft savings, or implementation costs the same way.
  4. Divide the list of custom data fields into categories.
  5. Determine the type of custom category each data field belongs to.
  6. Create custom categories for all of your custom data.

After you create custom data, share it with forms to make it easy for users to enter data in the custom data fields. See Share data in forms.

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