About shared and non-shared data

Data in Qeystone is either shared or non-shared.

Shared data is shared between tools in a project and is summarized in the Dashboard. Therefore, shared data belongs to the project. When you edit shared data in one location within the project, the data is updated everywhere it is shared, including the Dashboard.

Non-shared data is not shared between tools and it is not summarized in the Dashboard. Therefore, non-shared data belongs to the tool, not the project. When you edit non-shared data it does not affect other areas of the project or the Dashboard.

Example of shared data
A C&E Matrix shares variable data with Process Map Data. If you create a new unmapped variable in the C&E Matrix, Qeystone also adds it to Process Map Data. Later, if you delete the C&E Matrix from your project, any unmapped variables that you created are not deleted from Process Map Data.
Example of non-shared data
A Pugh Matrix does not share data. If you complete a Pugh Matrix, and then later delete the form from your project, all the data you entered in the form is also deleted from the project.
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