Step 1: Add challenger models to the model repository

You can also add up to two challenger models to a deployment. Challenger models are competing models. Each challenger model must have the same response variable as the champion model. However, challenger models can have different predictors. The challenger model that generates the best results can become the new champion model if you decide to promote it.

First upload the challenger models to the model repository.

  1. Sign in to Minitab Model Ops to open the Model Repository .
  2. Select Import a model.
  3. In Project File, browse to and select the file that contains the TreeNet® Classification model to import.
  4. Select Use training data for baseline data to upload the training data with the model.
  5. In Model Name, enter HeartDiseaseTreeNet.
  6. Select Import Model.
Repeat the same steps for HeartDiseaseRandomForest.