Use Minitab Model Ops with Minitab Connect

Minitab Connect® empowers data users from across the enterprise with tools to transform diverse data into a governed network of data pipelines, feed analytics initiatives, and foster organization-wide collaboration.

Use Minitab Model Ops and Minitab Connect together to create a seamless system where each update to your data in Connect starts a flow that brings near-instant predictions from Model Ops. Use those predictions in your analytics initiatives to deliver insights that inspire action.

Minitab Connect provides two flows:
  1. Model Scoring (Minitab Model Ops® )
  2. Model Stability (Minitab Model Ops® )
You can choose the flow trigger for each flow. To automate the process, specify Scheduled or Data Event. For a scheduled flow, you can choose your start time. For a data event flow, the results are immediate. You can also specify Manual.

Model Ops allows 1440 prediction requests per day. When you initiate a manual or scheduled flow, Connect sends all records in the source data in the request. Submitting your data this way causes redundant requests that consume the daily request limit. To submit only unscored records, you can create a data view that filters out previously scored results, then run the flow on the filtered data. Flows triggered by a data event send new or updated records and do not require this workaround. To see an example of creating a data view, go to Create a data view in Minitab Connect.